Getting online using FreeBSD and BSNL DataOne

BSNL’s DataOne service (DSL) is straightforward to use in FreeBSD. The following recipe shows how to get online using PPPoE.

  • First, you need to configure your DSL modem as specified by the ISP. This procedure is modem-specific and your BSNL representative should be able to assist you here.

  • You would need the name of the ethernet interface to which your modem is attached. If you are unsure of what this is, use ifconfig(8) to find out.

  • Next, you need to add the following template text to /etc/ppp/ppp.conf:

     set device "PPPoE:*INTERFACE*"
     set authname "*YOUR-USERNAME*"
     set authkey "*YOUR-PASSWORD*"
     set dial
     enable dns
     add default HISADDR

    Replace YOUR-USERNAME and YOUR-PASSWORD with your DataOne user name and password respectively. Replace INTERFACE with the name of your network interface (i.e., “rl0” or “fxp0” or whatever).

  • Finally, invoke ppp(8) in the usual way:

    % ppp dataone
    ppp> dial
    ppp> ... the prompt changes as PPP negotiation proceeds ...

Thats, it! You should be online.