Short updates

A couple of (lagged!) updates on my FreeBSD/PmcTools work:

  • In Nov'08, I added support for Intel™ Core 2™ PMCs to PmcTools (SVN #185363 and later changesets).

    More recently, Nokia, via Jeff Roberson, contributed basic support for the PMCs in the Core/i7™ CPU, the next member in the Core™ family of CPUs (SVN #187761).

    With these additions PmcTools supports most Intel CPUs that have PMCs in them. (I have plans to finish support for 166Mhz Pentium MMX™ CPUs soon.)

  • A couple of tricky bugs were tracked down and fixed:

    • The NMI handler code I had written for the amd64 architecture needed to be more robust than it was. Fixed in SVN #188065.

    • A bug in callchain capture code that would appear only under high loads and only on SMP machines. Fixed in SVN #186037.

Thanks to Artem Belevich, Fabien Thomas, George Neville-Neil and Jeff Roberson for their assistance with debugging.